Residential timber homes

Explore our range of spacious timber homes, perfect for families looking for durability and long-term comfort. Designed for a lifetime of memories.

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Spacious and modern residential homes - our offer

Our timber houses
are available
in two systems

Residential Log Cabin

High-quality Scandinavian coniferous timber provides spacious, durable family homes with year-round comfort. Customization options include windows, doors, roof types and wall thicknesses (58mm, 70mm, 94mm, 112mm).

Timber frame homes

Flexible designs allow for any home size and feature, including number of rooms, roof styles and finishes. Features include 25-94mm profile thicknesses, various cross-sections and frame constructions, multiple cladding patterns and roof options (gable, single pitch, hip, flat). Options for flooring, wall insulation and a wide range of accessories ensure a bespoke living space.

Modern and traditional - choose your style

Whether you appreciate traditional charm or crave modern architecture, our range includes classic residential log cabins and contemporary designs to suit all tastes. If you wish, we can combine styles to create your very own dream log home.

Our Cara system introduces a unique construction approach with carpentry-based structural stability. Wall infill options are customizable with a range of cladding types and thicknesses, allowing you to design your model with a modern or classic flair. Achieve exceptional stability and aesthetic appeal with our versatile, bespoke timber homes.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our residential log cabins are designed for individuals or families who wish to live permanently in a beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly space. They offer all the comforts of a traditional home with the added charm and warmth of timber construction.

Insulation details vary according to design and customer preference. We tailor our insulation solutions to ensure optimum thermal efficiency and comfort. Please contact us for specific information on insulation options.

Timber frame houses are built to last, with a lifespan comparable to traditional construction methods. Proper maintenance can extend their longevity.

Our transportable log cabins are designed for quick and clean installation with minimal disruption. In most cases, installing one of our log homes does not require building regulation’s approval. However, we recommend checking with local authorities to confirm specific requirements in your area.