Garden rooms

From airy offices to luxurious outbuildings, our garden rooms are fully customizable to suit your individual needs. Take advantage of the freedom to extend, choose your doors and position your windows for the perfect blend of light and privacy.

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Garden rooms for sale

Explore our range of garden rooms, from classical wooden designs to contemporary spaces, available in both small and large sizes. Tailored to fit any garden, they offer a blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring the perfect outdoor retreat for every taste and requirement.

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Prefabricated garden rooms

Available in BASIC, PREMIUM and CUBO models, our prefabricated garden buildings are designed for easy do-it-yourself assembly.  Sizes up to 550 x 450 cm, with a choice of roof shapes. Made from 19 and 28 mm Scandinavian spruce profiles, they meet all your outdoor space needs with simplicity and style.  

The range of models means that they can be easily combined with any architectural style.  A wide range of accessories completes the range. A new feature is the possibility of ordering a 21 mm floor (optional), which can be retrofitted and insulated on site. These models can also be ordered with a coloured and/or glazed finish.

Use of garden rooms

Home office

Create a peaceful and productive workspace away from the distractions of the main house, boosting your focus and efficiency.


Set up a personal fitness studio with all your workout equipment in a dedicated space, making exercise convenient and private.

Entertainment Room

Design a cozy retreat for movies, music, and games, perfect for family time or hosting friends

Place to Relax

Craft a serene sanctuary for meditation, reading, or simply enjoying a quiet cup of coffee amidst the beauty of your garden.

Benefits of a garden room

Investing in a garden room enhances your property’s value and versatility, offering a dedicated space for work, fitness, or relaxation. It’s an eco-friendly choice that provides additional privacy and comfort, seamlessly blending functionality with the beauty of your outdoor surroundings.

Frequenlty asked questions

Prices vary by size, design, and features. Contact us for a customized quote.

We offer a range of sizes, customizable to fit your garden.

Quality materials ensure longevity, often exceeding 20 years with maintenance.

Garden rooms typically don’t need planning permission, but check local regulations.

A qualified electrician can safely connect your garden room to the main supply.