A unique atmosphere, eco-friendly materials and the ability to create unique spaces for bonding and enjoyment – all this is offered by summerhouses. In our range you will find a variety of different types, from traditional summerhouses to modern garden pavilions. Create a space to relax in harmony with nature!

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Presenting our collection of summerhouses, crafted for versatility. With profile thicknesses of 28mm, 45mm, 58mm, and 70mm, each ensures stability and durability for enduring satisfaction. We guarantee easy installation and high stability with milled corner joints. 80mm x 160mm roof beams and impregnated wooden floor joists ensure a solid structure. Glulam doors and windows provide both aesthetics and functionality. Choose from a range of styles and roofing options, with the ability to customize colors and locks. Experience quality craftsmanship and personalized solutions with our profile houses.

What are the most popular types of summer houses?

Garden summer house

Perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests, they come in various sizes and designs to suit different preferences and garden sizes.

Corner summer houses

Designed to maximize space efficiency, fit snugly into the corner of your yard, making them ideal for smaller outdoor areas.

Hexagonal summerhouses

They offer panoramic views and plenty of natural light to create a cozy yet spacious environment for various activities.

Modern summerhouses

They often feature large windows, bi-fold doors, and multi-functional spaces, providing a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.

Traditional summer houses

Inspired by classic designs, traditional summer houses exude charm and nostalgia with their pitched roofs, intricate detailing and cozy interiors.

summer houses

In addition to traditional log cabins, we also offer timber-framed cabins. These modern structures are light and strong, offering comfort and functionality in harmony with nature.


Exterior cladding attached directly to the frame of the house. We offer various types of cladding, including profiles with thicknesses of 33, 45, 58, 70 and 94 mm. We also produce various types of porches (HELENA) and carports (CARPORT).


Made of prefabricated walls assembled between frame posts.

Benefits of wooden summer houses

Find out more about summerhouses! These cozy cabins offer a perfect blend of relaxation and functionality. Discover the importance and benefits of these versatile spaces, especially the advantages of wooden summerhouses. Enjoy better air and humidity, efficient heating and eco-friendliness. With durable construction and quick installation, they offer an attractive option at an affordable price. It’s the perfect option for those who value modern features and a homely atmosphere.

Size and customization options of summer houses

Create your perfect summer house tailored to your preferences and requirements. From small to large, we offer flexibility to suit your space and needs. Choose from various roof designs, including dual-pitched, single-pitched, double-single-pitched, four- or multi-pitched, and flat roofs.

Customize your windows with tilt-and-turn functionality for added convenience. Opt for straight or waved architraves to complement your style. Enhance durability with recommended roofing options like bitumen shingles.

Additionally, consider optional pre-treatment with BHB HolzÖl-Natur for added protection and aesthetic appeal. For added security, choose 3-point lock for doors with a height of 200 cm.

Uses for garden summer houses

Turn your outdoor space into a haven for leisure and relaxation. Need a home office or workspace? Our garden houses provide a tranquil environment for focused work and creativity.

Looking for extra storage? Use your summer houses to store garden tools, bikes or seasonal items.

Get creative with innovative uses such as gyms or art studios, transforming your garden summer house into a personal space for fitness or artistic pursuits. There are endless possibilities! Our garden summer houses are a functional and stylish addition to any garden.

High quality materials and construction

Explore our summer houses constructed with premium materials and advanced techniques. Crafted for stability and weather resistance, our wooden components ensure durability. Impregnated floor joists and floorboards offer longevity. Choose from single or double doors made of glued laminated timber for security and aesthetics.

Enjoy adjustable hinges and standard windows with rubber seals for insulation. Opt for various roofing options to suit your style and climate needs. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of Scandinavian spruce and Siberian larch. Elevate your outdoor space with our quality construction.

Maintenance and care

With proper care and attention, your summer house will remain a beautiful and functional retreat for years to come. Treat wooden components with protective coatings to prolong their lifespan and maintain their appearance.



During winter, ensure proper insulation and drainage to prevent water damage. 



In spring, clean windows and surfaces to remove debris and mold.



Summer is the perfect time for exterior painting or staining to protect against UV damage.



Finally, prepare your summer house for autumn by clearing gutters and trimming nearby foliage.

Frequently asked questions

We deliver nationally and internationally. The cost of delivery is included in the price of the cabin.

We offer comprehensive advice on your choice. Our team will help match the home to your needs and preferences, ensuring the perfect solution.

Requirements can vary depending on the type and size of home. A level and stable surface is usually recommended, such as a concrete foundation, slab foundation or foundation blocks. Our team can advise on the best solution for your particular case.

Summer houses, also known as garden summer houses, serve various purposes depending on the user’s needs and preferences. They are used as spaces for relaxation, leisure, and entertainment in the garden. They can also function as workspaces, hobby areas, storage for garden tools, or even as additional living space. Due to their versatility, garden summer houses are an ideal solution for many different purposes.