Garages & carports

We specialize in the construction of wooden garages and carports, providing a solid and aesthetic solution for domestic applications. We offer structures with one, two or more parking spaces, available in both standard designs and customized to meet individual requirements. Our products combine functionality and longevity to blend in with your living space.

Discover our wide range of eco-friendly wooden garages. The use of modern technology ensures durability and strength of construction. Our design solutions are perfect for a variety of architectural aesthetics.

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Single or double wooden garages for sale

We offer a range of wooden garages, perfect for multiple vehicles, combining garages with an open parking space like a carport. Whether detached or as an extension to your home, our post and beam construction ensures a clear structure between horizontal and vertical elements. Our roof shapes allow for optimum integration with the surroundings, and a choice of windows/doors and accessories adds a personal touch. You decide how you want to use it, and we work with you to design.

What are the most popular types of garages and carports?

Log garage

A log garage is a type of structure built primarily from logs, offering a rustic and natural aesthetic that complements outdoor settings and log homes. It serves as a protective storage space for vehicles, tools, and equipment, combining functionality with the charm of traditional craftsmanship. Log garages are valued for their durability, insulation properties, and the unique, warm atmosphere they create, making them a popular choice for those seeking a blend of practicality and visual appeal.

Timber frame garage

A timber frame garage is a structure constructed using a framework of heavy timber beams joined together with traditional carpentry techniques or modern modern joinery methods. This construction method allows for large, open spaces without the need for interior supporting walls, making it highly customizable and adaptable to various architectural styles. Timber frame garages are praised for their strength, aesthetic beauty, and the ability to incorporate large windows and doors, creating a visually appealing and functional space for vehicles and storage.

Wooden carports for sale

We offer a wide range of wooden carports tailored to meet every requirement. Our carports come in single, double, or multiple vehicle capacities, available in both large and small sizes to perfectly fit the space of any home. Choose from various roof types, including flat, apex, or pent, to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing cover for your vehicle. Our carports combine the durability of wood with modern design, ensuring protection and style.

Design of carports and garages

Our single garages are designed to fit in small gardens, offering enough room for your vehicle to enter and exit without the risk of damage. For those with more space, our double wooden garages provide ample room for two cars and additional storage.

Carports offer a versatile solution, not only protecting your car, but also serving as a convenient storage area for bicycles and more. Enjoy the beauty and practicality of our wooden structures, designed to enhance your outdoor space while meeting your storage needs.

What are the differences between
carports and garages?


_ Fully enclosed space for maximum protection and security.
_ Offers additional storage or workshop areas.
_ Ideal for long-term vehicle storage and privacy.


_ Open structure for easy access and ventilation.
_ Provides protection from weather elements.
_ Perfect for daily use with added space for bicycles and outdoor equipment.

Why should you choose us?


Sustainable materials

Wood sourced from Norwegian and Swedish forests, promoting eco-friendliness.


Zero waste

Our advanced production system and focus on the environment ensures no waste after production.


Expert installation

Professional installation services and comprehensive advice at every stage of the project.


Customized designs

Personalized designs to meet your specific requirements and add value to your property.

Frequenlty asked questions

You will receive the product ready to use, but without assembly. Assembly can be ordered in cooperation with our dealers.

The price varies depending on the size and the chosen type of construction. 

Similar to our garages, the cost of a carport depends on its size and the selected construction type. 

The choice between a garage and a carport depends on whether you need a fully enclosed space or just a cover. Consider your specific needs to make the best decision.