Outdoor saunas

Outdoor saunas, crafted from natural wood, combine the timeless beauty of nature with the ultimate relaxation experience. These wooden sanctuaries enhance any outdoor setting, offering a peaceful retreat and a touch of elegance, perfect for those seeking to enrich their wellness routine and outdoor living space.

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We specialize in eco-friendly, highly functional outdoor saunas, crafted to enhance your garden experience. Our range includes spacious, modern sauna cabins with optional changing or shower spaces, and traditional wooden hut designs, each offering unique functionalities to suit your preferences. Our saunas are made from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and a natural aesthetic. The construction includes sturdy heater covers and elegant wooden floor grates, combining safety with style for a superior sauna experience.

Which outdoor sauna
is your type?

Discover your perfect outdoor sauna, where comfort meets practicality in our diverse range of designs. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek lines of modern saunas or the charming warmth of traditional styles, we cater to every design preference. 

Choose from wood-heated or electrically heated saunas, each available in various shapes and sizes to fulfill your specific desires. Opt for a sauna with large windows to enjoy expansive views, or select a cozy, smaller model featuring additional rooms or a terrace for extra relaxation space. We ensure that whether you seek solitary tranquility or lively social gatherings, our outdoor saunas provide the ideal setting for any occasion.

Frequently asked questions

Our outdoor saunas come as DIY kits, designed for easy self-assembly with pre-made parts. 

Yes, our outdoor saunas are designed to be enjoyed year-round, providing a warm retreat even in the coldest months.

While our saunas are built for optimal performance in various climates, additional insulation can enhance efficiency and comfort in colder regions.