The features of our timber

  • Naturally and responsibly grown raw material
  • Eco-friendly
  • Water-saving (when compared to brick-and-mortar houses)
  • Unique designs
  • Good stability
  • Relatively light (when compared to stone or iron)
  • Easy to modify
  • Versatile

wood characteristics, which do not constitute a reason for a reclamation:

Cracks formation #1:
According to the norm DIN 4074, cracks resulting from drying (possible due to varying timber structures) are allowed, as mechanical properties and durability are not negatively affected.

Crack formation #2:
Cracks in 3-layer panels resulting from drying are a natural behaviour and are permitted (there is a higher chance of these occuring if the surface has been painted over in dark, solid colours), as mechanical properties and durability of the panels are not negatively affected.

Knots and grain:
Are possible and depend on the type of timber. For tool sheds, garden buildings, garages, carports etc. healthy timber is used, but it can be with more knots than - for example - furniture.

Timber turning grey and blue:
The timber material has a level of moisture 14-16% when it leaves the factory. The moisture level can increase due to absorption from the surroundings of the building site. From the moisture level approx. 18% blue spots may start to appear. To prevent this, a primer with protection against blue stains has to be applied.

Expanding and shrinking:
It is a completely normal behaviour. Untreated timber changes its size more than treated or painted timber.

Resin leaks:
Resin leakage in coniferous timber, like Scandinavian spruce, is unavoidable, especially when exposed directly to sunlight and warm weather.

Made of porous fabric and is a natural part of the timber. Pith is located in the core of the trunk and does not cause any rot or any other damage to the timber.

Bleeding knots:
With solid white colour paint, yellow or brownish spots (caused by timber acid) can occur. Even after sealing the knots with high-quality primer and paint, this cannot be prevented.