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BLOCKBOHLENHÄUSER Thanks to our traditionally manufactured log cabins you can design your garden in a completely new way. Whether you want to create your own oasis of peace or just want to store garden tools, with our BHB garden building you can have both. We can inspire you and we will help you to realize these ideas.
All our models are of very high quality, thanks to the precise machining and straightforward construction. From classic garden houses to leisure buildings, corner entry log cabins, living houses and garages and gazebos, we manufacture everything tailored to your wishes. You can also choose the model from our website, where we show many different usages of our buildings.
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characteristics of our log cabins

For wall log thickness 28 mm and 33 mm

  • High stability and protection from wind, thanks to logs machinings in the corners
  • Easy installation and high steadiness
  • Roof beams 80 x 160 mm for cabins with wall log thickness 33 mm or thicker
  • Barge boards 19 cm high to protect ends of roof beams
  • Pre-treated floor joists 60 x 80 mm for cabins with wall log thickness 33 mm or thicker
  • Tongue & groove floor boards and roof boards 19 mm
  • With skirting boards
  • Single or double doors from laminated timber (cladded from both sides)
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Doors and windows are single-glazed, with rubber seals and aluminium handles
  • Single or double windows with opening or opening/tilting wings
  • Felt and bitumen shingles are recommended as a roof cover material
  • Standard (non-toughened) glass, siliconed from both sides
  • NEW: wall logs 28 mm, as well as doors and windows, are available in either Scandinavian spruce or Siberian larch. The rest of the timber elements (posts, roof beams, roof and floor boards etc.) are available only in spruce.

Additionally for 45 mm wall log thickness

  • NEU Tiroler Schloß Verbindung Special wall logs with double tongue for improved steadiness
  • Floor boards 21 mm, floor joists 60/80 mm and roof beams with dimensions at least 80/160 mm
  • Windows from glued timber (68 mm system), with double glass and rubber seals
  • Tilt/turn hinges from a German manufacturer
  • Double doors from laminated timber (cladded from both sides)
  • NEW Tirolean joint (only 90 degrees corners are possible in this system)

General information

  • All models can have either apex, hipped, pent, double-pent or flat roof.
  • Turn/tilt windows in door wing are possible (for additional charge)
  • Straight or waved architraves (please choose when ordering)
  • Felt and bitumen shingles are recommended as a roof cover material
  • Possible pre-treatment in BHB wood oil in three different options (Nature, Oak Blonde, Antique Grey)
  • 3-point locks for doors are possible (for additional charge)

possible wall log thicknesses: