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  technical specifications

design type prefabricated building / pavillion
roof form tent roof
wall thickness 45 mm
wall outside dimension (W/D) 350 x 300 cm
side wall height 223 cm
ridge height 300 cm
cubic content 32,7 m³
wall area 15,1 m²
roof area 20 m²
roof overhang all around 30 cm
roof slope 28 °
doors DT 120 x 186 cm
windows 4 x DF 98 x 147 cm
Optional accessories 10 x Rectangular shingle package
object id 621
  000621-01.jpg  (object image)
  000621-02.jpg  (object image)
  000621-gr01.pdf  (object floor plan)

W/D = width/depth, AN = extension, S = apex roof, P = pent roof, DP = dual pent roof, W = hipped roof, F = flat roof, Z = tent roof, B = butterfly roof, VD = canopy extension, SD = side roof, O = open roof, EF = single window, DF = double window, FF = fixed glazed window, ET = single door, DT = double door, ST = sliding door, FT = folding door

All ground plan dimensions are wall outside dimensions. The drawings on these pages are not made in scale. The models on these pages are standard delivered untreated. Some models on these pages are executed with non-standard accessories (e.g roof cover material).